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Online Lecture: Seismic Performance of Special Moment Resisting Frames designed in accordance to the Indonesian Concrete and Earthquake Codes
HostUniversitas Kristen Petra
Date/Time 15-02-2008
DetailsOnline Lecture by: Prof. Ir. Benjamin Lumantarna M.Eng., Ph.D. and team.
The design provision for column reinforcement of a Special Moment Resisting Frames in the new Indonesian Concrete Code SNI 03-2847-2002, is adopted from ACI 318M-99. This new provision is less stringent than the previous code SNI 03-2847-1992. This study checks the seismic performance of Special Moment Resisting Frames designed in accordance to the new concrete code. Two symmetrical buildings, six and ten stories are considered and subjected to nonlinear static pushover and nonlinear time history analysis. The load pattern used in the nonlinear static pushover analysis is derived from an inverted triangular first mode, while the ground acceleration used in the nonlinear time history analysis is a spectrum consistent ground acceleration generated from El Centro 18 May 1940 North-South component in accordance to SNI 03-1726-2002. It is shown that due to 500 years return period earthquake some upper columns of the six story building develop plastic hinges although still in a very preliminary stage, with damage indices in the range of 0.02 to 0.04
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